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Hi, I’m Eric.

This my home for occasional technical / programming related content. I plan to move some previous content from other sites and will be writing new articles soon.

I am also a photographer and an outdoor explorer.

I hope you enjoy following this or another of my blogs!

    I Built My Own Linkroll 4 July 2023

    Ever have that feeling that you might run across something on the web and hope you can find it again someday?

    Yeah, me too.

    So I built my own linkroll.

    How I Built 146 Parks 5 June 2021

    Since last fall, I have been working on a project to visit, photograph, and document each of the 146 state parks in my home state of Washington in the U.S. Normally this site will be devoted to my life as a developer, but today I will incorporate the outdoor-explorer and photographer parts of my life. This is an article about how I built the blog for the 146 Parks project.

    Deploying a Custom Build of Zola to Netlify 30 May 2021

    I’ve recently started to enjoy building web sites using Zola, a Rust-based static site generator. I’ll write more about my decision to use Zola in a future “how I built this” article, but for now I wanted to share with the Zola community some tips on using custom builds of Zola.

    My Life as a Programmer 1 January 1997

    This article first appeared on my site in early 1997. I remember seeing a printout of this page on somebody’s desk when I first interviewed at Adobe early that year. I took it down when I redesigned the site sometime around 2001. In 2018, I decided I missed it, so I dug back in the archives and added it back. I’ve added a few updates in 2021.

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